City Bright International Limited

          City Bright International Limited was set up for the manufacture of Energy Saving Light Bulbs in 1994.  It is one of the pioneers of Energy Saving Bulbs manufacturers in China. Since then, customers throughout Asia and the European Community have come to rely on the quality and savings built into the Energy Saving Light Bulbs from City Bright.  Using its company-owned production facilities, City Bright follows Quality Control procedures strictly that include multiple microscopic evaluations in order to insure that its customers receive products built with the reliability that end users expected.  With proven growth strategies in place, City Bright’s experienced management team remains committed to the manufacture and marketing of superior lighting products. In 2004, City Bright successfully developed the patent T5 converter which applying the advance T5 system to existing T8 fixtures and thus greatly decrease 46% the electricity consumption of T8 system. In 2006, City Bright started development of applying the Hi power LED into normal lighting. In 2008, City Bright further makes use of the advance LED technology and developed series of high range LED Panel fixtures.


          City Bright has established an ongoing commitment to continually improve its Total Quality Management System in order to provide its customers with the level of Research, Development, Production Quality and Customer Service that will exceed their expectations.